Beaches for lounging and fishing

On the Ile de Ré, the beaches are fine sand, often untouched by construction. Facing the ocean, you can choose to sunbathe and let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep. They’re also great places to stroll and watch the sunset.

At low tide, some beaches reveal a rocky foreshore that is a source of rich biodiversity. Depending on tidal coefficients, you can try your hand at the pleasures of angling on the Ile de Ré, an activity that will delight young and old alike.

Events on the Ile de Ré: the call of the open sea

For those who love gliding, whether fast or slow, the Ile de Ré is a nautical paradise. With its steady winds and welcoming waves, it’s the ideal playground for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, kayaking or catamaran sailing. If required, local sailing schools offer courses for all levels, enabling everyone to set sail in complete safety.

For those who want to discover the coastline in the company of a professional, numerous boat excursions are organized. Enjoy an original view of the Ile de Ré (Pointe de Loix, Fiers d’Ars), the Ile d’Aix and get as close as possible to the famous Fort Boyard.

Explore the island of Ré by bike, on foot or by donkey

The island of Ré is criss-crossed by over 100 kilometers of cycle paths. Cycling through the mosaic of landscapes is a pleasant and environmentally-friendly way to discover the beauty of the area. Whether you’re with family or friends, it’s easy to rent a bike and explore the vineyards, forests and beaches at your own pace.

The picturesque villages, characterized by small white houses with colorful shutters, are easy to discover on foot. In summer, markets are held every morning.
On the Ile de Ré, it’s also possible to take a donkey ride – or just observe – these animals that have become veritable mascots. The reason? In the past, the baudet du Poitou was covered with pieces of cloth on its legs to protect it from mosquito bites in the marshes. Since then, the tradition has been maintained, and the “donkeys in breeches” have become emblems.

Activities on the Ile de Ré: exploring the salt marshes

A walk or a visit to the salt marshes is a must among the activities on the Ile de Ré. In this iodized setting, you can observe a wide variety of fauna, enjoy the incomparable light at the end of the day and discover the activity of the salt marshes. You can visit producers who open their doors, or opt for a visit to the Écomusée du marais salant, which offers an exhibition followed by a guided tour of a working marsh.

Savouring seafood

The Ile de Ré is a top destination for seafood. You can also opt for mussel éclade. This ancestral and spectacular cooking method gives mussels a braised flavor. Take the opportunity to discover the salty taste of samphire.

A wide range of local wines is available to accompany your dishes. You can also enjoy a Pineau des Charentes or Cognac.

Entertainment that goes on into the night

When the sun goes down, the entertainment on the Ile de Ré continues. Summer is marked by several fireworks displays.

For those who want to keep the day going until late, numerous bars and discotheques welcome you for happy, festive moments.

Île de Ré: Romanée group events

Groupe Romanée’s campsites on the Ile de Ré are the perfect place to enjoy a holiday that combines comfort and well-being. Here you can relax, share moments of conviviality and enjoy a multitude of activities for all. Each of our campsites is equipped with an aquatic area or several play areas.

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